Ocean's Twelve

Well I did, after a four and a half year gap, watch the first sequeal to Ocean's Eleven that is. I was perusing the multitude of discarded DVD titles in one of the local charity shops where I live and it caught my eye. As it would only hit my pocket to the tune of 50p and as I had a couple of hours spare during the afternoon curiosity got the better of me and I bought in.

Any improvement over the offering released three years previous to it? Absolutely. Notwithstanding the top-heavy A-List cast, this one had an interesting storyline, lots of twists, some comical moments (Tess Ocean, a character played by Julia Roberts, attempting to pass herself of as the famous actress Julia Roberts in order to get close to the targeted Faberge egg on display in Rome) and was, IMHO, far better presented. Although there's a lot of high tech solutions to various problems getting in the way (such as raising a whole building in Amsterdam slightly so that a roof-top crossbow shot could be aimed through a window), nothing came close to the nonsense of blacking out the whole of Las Vegas by setting off an electro-magnetic pulse from within a bog standard American transit van equivalent. Hard to believe that both movies were directed by the same director, Steven Soderbergh, and shared one of the writers.

Overall then entertaining and on the right side of the ridiculous plot line. Worth seeing if you've never done so.

May 2019.