A bit about me.

So who is this guy UK-21? Well, nobody really. I'm not a known face at any of the UK's race-tracks, a regular at any of the UK's casinos or a frequent player in any of the many poker tournaments that take place, both in bricks and mortar venues and online. I'm certainly not a life-long seasoned gambler, and my gaming (you could read gambling) activities are limited to wagering modest amounts of money for entertainment purposes and for the challenge of seeing whether I manage to come out ahead or not (beating the "vig" so to speak).

In the past I learned how to count cards at the blackjack tables and had some success in applying the techniques I learned for low stakes in various casinos across the UK. However, I rarely indulge these days, largely as the number of regular shoe dealt blackjack games offered across the country can now be counted off on the fingers of two hands. Frankly it's something that I've done and dusted. As for other forms of gambling, the combination of knowing the odds stacked against the punter, and being a very bad loser, means I do it only occassionally and for a few quid at most. I appreciate that profitable gambling opportuities can be found by those bright sparks who trouble themselves to seek them out, but I'm afraid that's not me (anymore).

From a work point of view, I work with numbers on a daily basis and use spreadsheets to analyse whole rafts of data (usually to see what's gone wrong) - my tool of trade if you like. I'm cracking on a bit (got less to come than I've already had, as I once heard the late George Melly say in a TV interview) with two grown up daughters and two grand-children to boot - so there's a fair few years on the clock. Having said that, I'd like to think I've got many more to come, and it's going to be several at least before the senile dementia sets in.

Why did I create this site?

I've always had an avid interest in the numbers behind games of chance, ever since I received a toy roulette wheel as a present when I was about eleven years old. This is partly the reason I created this site. When I first published it some years ago, it carried information on the different opportunities there are to gamble in the UK, the different games that could be found in UK casinos, the numbers behind them etc etc. Now it's slimmed down to just the Reviews Section, which I've left in public view as someone, somewhere might find what I've written to be of some use.

If you'd like to drop me a line for any reason, here's the address to use:

Please note I'm not interested in receiving offers to improve or do a makeover on the site, offers to exchange links, requests to place advertising banners or promotional content on the site, business propositions or requests to test drive gambling related software or to programme simulations. All such correspondence of this nature that hits my e-mail in-box will simply be ignored.

Cheers !

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