Roulette Rockstar

Yet another over-priced (£9.69) coffee-break read of just fifty five pages, printed on demand, with no recommended selling price on the rear cover and where the website promoted that readers can go to for further info has been abandoned (as at the time of writing). This is the tale of "Anonymous", his desperation visit to a casino and his meeting someone who reveals to him the secret of beating the wheel of doom. Applying the methods he picks up he manages (allegedly) to dig himself out of the dire financial hole he was in at the time and has since lived happily ever after. Is it really that easy?

The book contains the details of how to apply the three "winning systems" he was told about and how to become financially self-sufficient forever through doing so. Sounds too good to be true? is. The first "system", entails simply covering thirty of the thirty eight numbers (playing against a double-zero wheel) and betting the first dozen (1 unit) and the 19-36 evens payoff option (2 units). From a probability point of view this results in:

probability of winning = 18/38, 0.4737 (profit = 1 unit)
probability of a breakeven = 12/38, 0.3158
probability of losing = 8/38, 0.2105 (loss = 3 units)

As the probability of losing and breaking even combined is greater than the probability of winning, combined with the short-payoffs from the roulette paytable it means that over time anyone applying this system will end up out of pocket. Simple. It's all in them there numbers and has been tried before.

Not much more to say really. Applying the methods in this title certainly won't leave you living the high life of a rockstar - more probably the low life of a talentless, one-hit wonder who fronted up something that was briefly in the charts thirty years ago.

I wasn't sure whether to file this review within the recollations section, the roulette section or with the other fiction titles I've reviewed. In the end I decided to drop it into the roulette section, as it'll complement all of the other dismal nonsense that I've reviewed and which appears there. Roulette Rockstar certainly doesn't constitute "The hottest roulette book on the planet" - a claim made at - and can be described simply as systems tosh. Don't be tempted to part with good money for a copy.

March 2018.