Online Roulette:
The Winnng Rules
Peter Preston

I regret to say that this 54 page "book" doesn't warrant too much time being spent on reviewing it. Essentially, it's a marketing ploy to entice readers to subscribe to a piece of software (at £50 per annum) to support their endeavours in applying the methods he's written about at the tables. The book basically contains a series of explanations of around twenty "systems", with two sides of A4 being devoted to each - one containing the words and the other a screenshot of the software interface relating to it that you can use if you feel they have any merit and you want to lay out on a subscription. In fairness, the author does point out that the systems he promotes can be applied easily without using his software offering and I will give credit for that.

To save time, and further words, I've simply re-posted what I wrote as a review on the book's Amazon web page below:-

"Although I'm always skeptical regarding books written about roulette with the word "winning" in the title, I picked this one up largely out of curiosity - to see if it was any different from the many other books on the subject of roulette I've read in recent years.

Regrettably not. This "book" is really a fifty four page comic aimed at enticing the gullible into taking out a subscription for a piece of Excel based software, which at the time of writing is priced at fifty quid a year (via PAYPAL). Having visited Mr P's site, although there's a long list of "features" for his spreadsheets there's nothing that summarises what they actually do - although on the surface the screenshot on his site looks to record the number of times past numbers have occured and generates an alert if certain past sequences occur for each of the twenty or so systems pre-programmed into it/them. For fairness I should say they may do more than just this but I haven't gone into it any further - as it is the book I'm reviewing. I can say for sure, however, what they don't do:

They don't alter the number of slots on a roulette wheel's track,

They don't alter the paytable that the game is based on,

They don't alter the laws of maths, probability or statistical variance.

In actual fact there's little, if any, reference to the maths and stats behind the game of roulette in Mr P's publication. Frankly this came as no great surprise, as few books written about "winning" Roulette have any pages devoted to these minor matters, and also conveniently omit any discussion of the impact of the house edge (which I couldn't find referred to in this book, even just once). On page 6 Mr P writes "Skeptics will tell you every spin is independent of what's happened before. This isn't true". Sorry Peter, it is.

Although on the rear cover it states that the cost of the book will be deducted against any future subscription to Mr P's spreadsheets, should you elect not to take out a subscription it leaves *Online Roulette: The Winning Rules* as something which only has any value as fairly expensive recycling material (60p per A4 sheet). That's where my copy will be heading very shortly. Save your money."

The sale price of Online Roulette: The Winning Rules is currently £15.95 for the booklet/paperback and £6.00 for the Kindle version. What you get are a bunch of systems which were first written about over a hundred years ago and are as flaky now as they were then. It works out a tad less than a quid a system. Needless to say, not one I'd recommend anyone parts with any money for. Simply consulting with Mr Google will lead you to more flaky roulette systems of a similar nature than you can shake a stick at - all per gratis.

NOTE: On the Amazon web page that contains my review, the author has responded and advised that his software is produced using OpusScript and not Visual Basic for Applications and Excel as I originally commented on. I'm happy to set the record straight, and have removed references to "Excel" and "spreadsheets" from my review above.

March 2018.