Beating the Roulette Wheel

This 2017 publication comprises 88 pages and is devoted to how the author, C.S, (a qualifed tax accountant - CPA in the United States), moved to Las Vegas and developed his "four-by-ten" negative progession system, which is explained in detail. In essence, he's another player that uses previous results to inform his betting decisions and repeats/increases his stakes where he's unsuccessful on each spin. He reports that through doing this at the tables he's consistently profited as a "professional" player over 28 years, and has won enough money to comfortably retire on. Personally I don't believe a word of it.

The book also contains an overview of how to place bets, and I found the photograph on page 17 of some casino chips, entitled "casino chips", and the one on the following page showing how the croupier stacks them next to the wheel to be particularly helpful.

The one aspect of this publication that I will commend is that the first page is a preface entitled "Gambling is Addictive" and gives the 'phone number of the US National Council on Problem Gambling. That's good. The rest of this book is, IMHO, dismal and not worth the US$15.95 (booklet/paperback) and US$11.38 (Kindle) currently being asked for it on Amazon. Clearly written as fodder for the gullible, on the second page it does state "This book is intended for entertainment purposes only." It certainly will provide anyone who knows anything about the maths behind the game of Roulette with a good laugh.

I'm now at the point where, even before opening the covers of any book on gambling, I'm deeply sceptical as to what I'm going to read where it doesn't have a detailed recommended selling price printed on the rear cover. This is one of those.

In summary, 88 pages of tosh.

March 2018.