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For those who are visiting this site for the first time, what you'll find here is a selection of gambling related book reviews that I've written up since 2014, together with pages relating to some fundimentals of gambling mathematics and a brief recollection of my efforts at counting the cards at the blackjack tables - something which is now in the past (the last time I played a hand of blackjack was over six years ago!) and some supporting material for this. The site use to contain quite a lot more, but as time has moved on since I published the first pages in 2012 I've had less and less of it to devote to its upkeep and so I've scaled the content back to that which doesn't require any ongoing maintenance. If you are interested in gambling relating matters then there's plenty of material to be found with a quick visit to Mr Google.

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PLEASE NOTE: As I maintain this site as a hobby I don't check for e-mails every day - and so there may be a short delay in responding. Please note also I'm not interested in receiving offers to improve or do a makeover on the site, offers to exchange links, requests to place advertising banners or promotional content on the site, business propositions or requests to test drive gambling related software or to programme simulations. I've received all of these in the past, and all such correspondence of this nature that hits my e-mail in-box will simply be deleted.

Regards, best wishes for the forthcoming Festive Season and happy punting!

12th November 2023