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Book Review: ROULETTE Playing To Win.
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Welcome to UK-21's
Degenerate Gamblers Pages.

I first created my Degenerate Gamblers Pages in November 2012, and since that time I've made a number of revisions to the site. At present it comprises mostly reviews of various gambling books, movies and TV programmes that I've written up (over fifty now), together with some downloads that I've created and made available for the benefit of anyone who would like to use them. These are offered up for free and are provided without conditions and with my compliments.

Please use the menu below to navigate around the various pages that make up the site (this appears at the bottom of each page). All pages should render OK on all PC and laptop monitors, tablets and mobile 'phones having a screen width of at least 320px. Before browsing further please spend a minute or two reading the Terms & Privacy page.

If you would like to contact me for any reason you are welcome to e-mail me at this address:

Please be aware that as I maintain this site as a hobby I don't check for e-mails every day - and so there may be a short delay in responding. Please note also I'm not interested in receiving offers to improve or do a makeover on the site, offers to exchange links, requests to place advertising banners or promotional content on the site, business propositions or requests to test drive gambling related software or to programme simulations. I've received all of these in the past, and all such correspondence of this nature that hits my e-mail in-box will simply be deleted.

Regards and happy punting!

November 2021