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Firstly, thank you for visiting. I'm not quite sure how anyone finds these pages, but I'm glad that they do and that they receive the occasional visitor interested (probably out of pure curiosity) in perusing my ramblings.

If it's your first visit, you're probably wondering what you're going to find here? That's a very fair question indeed, and I think I might answer it by quickly putting your mind to rest over what you won't find:

You won't find any:

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Affiliate links to online bookmakers or casinos - you know, the ones where the web-site owner gets paid a fee when a punter clicks through on a link, opens an account and plays through an initial deposit, and then possibly more.

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Never-heard-of-before, ground-breaking discoveries that'll turn your results around from this day forth. If I had any of those I certainly wouldn't be publicising them.

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Winning "systems" for sale . . .

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Any of the bollocks so often heard from pundits and affiliates who have an interest, or who work for a party with an interest, in seeing punters continue to put their money on the line.

What you will find is:

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The basics relating to gambling: considerations of risk, probability, the costs and why gamblers tend to lose far more often than they win.

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My views on a range of gambling related issues, together with lots of ramblings and anecdotes contained within a blog (supported by an RSS Feed) that I maintain and some book and film reviews into the bargain.

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Some basic maths that underpin common games of chance you can find in UK casinos and online.

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Links to other sites and pages on the world wide web, that contain useful info to help you decide how, and where, you might wish to spend your gambling pennies.

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Some useful downloads - things that are freely available, and some that I've rustled up myself, that you may find useful (all free of charge; just help yourself).

So, having read this, if you're up for it and would like to read more please use the navigation links on the left to find your way around the site. Please remember though it isn't my intention to replicate the vast amounts of information that already exists on the web, which is freely available to anyone wanting to educate themselves about the games of chance and other betting opportunities on offer. If you're a seasoned advantage player you probably won't find anything here that you haven't seen before elsewhere.

If you'd like to drop me a line afterwards, do feel free, but please note that as I don't run this site as a commercial venture I don't check for e-mails every day and it may take some days before you receive a response (and if you've flattered me with a death-threat or something similar, you probably won't receive one at all).

Lastly a quick note: There are several references across the site to the "Gala Casino group". Visitors should be aware that the Gala Casino group was sold off at the end of 2013, with 19 of their 23 outlets across the UK being taken over by the Rank Group, and rebranded as Grosvenor Casinos. The remaining 4 were absorbed by another operator. As a result of this, Gala Casinos no longer exist (although the brand retains a presence online), and their former venues are now subject to the policies and practices of their new operators.

Thanks again for dropping by.

February 2017

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