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It's been almost eighteen months since I've done any work or maintenance on this site. Regrettably, a combination of work priorities and health issues have pushed this to the very bottom of my list of priorities. I'm now 60 years old, and it's only in the last six months that I've found it necessary to take an active interest in my personal health and how my aging anatomy functions (or doesn't in some cases), and I've had to make time for research and reading in order to leave me in an informed position for dealing with our seemingly dysfunctional National Health Service (here in the UK). Personal experience suggests that things that should happen only do if one adopts the persona of a grumpy old man (or woman) and is prepared to chase them up, put reminders and concerns in writing and challenge where a course of care or treatment clearly doesn't make sense and seems to be more of a box-ticking exercise than anything else. Still, enough of this and hopefully things will improve over the next six months, after I hear whether my referral to a hospital on the other side of the Country is agreed and I'm accepted on to a waiting list there for treatment (for which I expect to have to wait for many, many months). Hey-ho . . .

I haven't published a book review for some while (despite having a pile of gambling related titles in my man-corner) and so I'll endeavour to find time to pick through some of the titles there and throw a few words into the digital ether for some of them for posterity. Despite the fact that I still drive myself mad trying to beat the rake playing online Hold'em, barring a punt on the Grand National I've not made a single bet during the time this site has been left to stagnate. I've given up with the footy betting (too many 80+ minute and injury time goals leave it volatile, and the in-play data I've found just isn't robust enough to regularly turn a profit from betting on in-play outcomes), haven't played a hand of Blackjack since the all of the shoe dealt exploitable games I could afford to play became history in the UK, and my endeavours to overcome the house edge of the wheel of doom have also been put on hold. I will publish an Excel workbook I produced some while back that highlights the positional relationships between numbers on the circumference of the wheel and the many layout combination bets that can be made - useful if you're attempting to track biased sections of the track or take advantage of an elusive dealer signature that many believe can be exploited. I'll dig it out and check all of the internal functionality before doing so.

If you would like to contact me for any reason you are welcome to e-mail me at this address:

PLEASE NOTE: As I maintain this site as a hobby I don't check for e-mails every day - and so there may be a short delay in responding. Please note also I'm not interested in receiving offers to improve or do a makeover on the site, offers to exchange links, requests to place advertising banners or promotional content on the site, business propositions or requests to test drive gambling related software or to programme simulations. I've received all of these in the past, and all such correspondence of this nature that hits my e-mail in-box will simply be deleted.

Regards, best wishes for the remainder of the Festive Season and happy punting!

31st December 2022