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Degenerate Gamblers Pages.

If this is your first visit to the UK-21.org site then welcome. If you're one of the relatively few people who have visited in the past, then welcome back.

What you'll find here is a collection of reviews of various gambling books, movies and TV programmes, all of which I've written up myself since I started on this particular undertaking in November of 2014. I endeavour to add to them on an ongoing basis, although it does tend to be "as and when" and subject to all of the other competing demands on my free time. What I would say is that if you're intending on acquiring any of the titles I've reviewed, do seek alternative opinions (at Amazon or Goodreads) to get a sense of balance. My views may not be shared by others.

In addition to the book reviews there are also a few other bits and pieces, all of which can be accessed via the main menu that appears at the bottom of each page.

I created this site some while back now, in November 2012, and since then it's had several tweaks and modifications. Originally I had created a fairly extensive summary of all of the opportunities that existed for punters and degenerate gamblers in the UK to avail themselves of, although my particular interest was that of casino gaming. There were also pages devoted to problem gambling issues and links to sources of help for the benefit of anyone reading who considered that their gambling activities had become problematic - something I think is far more prevalent than many, including those who regularly partake, would like to believe. It also contained a blog I would update on a regular basis. However, due to the fact that a lot of the content on the site simply replicated what appears in other places on the 'net in droves, and limitations on my free time, I've removed much of the original content and many of the freebie downloads that required ongoing work to keep up to date. Those that are virtually maintenance free, such as the Blackjack basic strategy table I've left in and you're welcome to make use of them with my compliments.

I think that's it for now. Please read through the Terms & Privacy page before moving on. I trust what you find here will be useful.

Cheers !

October 2018