Wheel track and layout combination bet comparisons.

Hmmm . . . what's all this about?

As the layout of the betting felt allows for a multitude of combination bets (bets covering more than a single number), many players fall into the trap of thinking that there's some sort of relationship between the numbers they cover when betting these, when in fact there isn't - although numbers may be group together on the felt, on the track of the wheel they can be spaced far apart.

The workbook linked to below is something I've devised to illustrate this. Each of the combination bets can be selected (just one or several) and as this is done they're highlighted on a layout representation and on a wheel track representation - so it's possible to see just what areas of the wheel track are being covered. I created this as a simple means of seeing how certain sectors of the track can be covered with a minimum outlay of bets, thus reducing the amount at risk on each spin of the wheel.

I'm afraid this is only for a single zero wheel as in the UK at present - double zero wheels are still a rarity in the UK although of course these should be avoided like the plague even where you do find one!

Roulette Wheel Bias Analysis Tool (Ver 2.1) 2 Jan 2023

2nd January 2023