Excel Roulette Wheel Bias Analysis Tool

Although I'm skeptical of the chances of identifying wheels with exploitable biases in mainstream licenced casinos nowdays, I've recently created an Excel workbook that will take care of analysing a results data-set - with the aim of determining if the results entered are subject to any statistically abnormal spikes or not (ie vary from the mathematical expectation by more than three standard deviations).

Easy to use it's simply a case of entering the results, and the direction the ball was travelling for each (if known), either by hand or copying and pasting from another file, and keeping an eye out for any variance to the EV of greater than three standard deviations. It checks for these for each of the thirty seven individual numbers as well as sector sizes of 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 slots. Simples. In fact the hardest thing to do will be sitting at the tables for hours on end whilst recording the results for your wheel of choice.

It did work for Senor Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo although that was over twenty-five years ago. Unlikely, I think, that such conditions still exist to be exploited but who knows? . . . perhaps you know of a wheel that seems to throw up the same numbers, or numbers from the same sector of the track, so regularly it demands some time being spent on looking into just why that is?

Best of luck with your hunt for that elusive and exploitable biased wheel !

Roulette Wheel Bias Analysis Tool (Ver 1.0) 28 Aug 2020