Excel Roulette Sector Predictor Tool

If you believe in the concept of unconscious consistency in the actions of the croupiers, when they spin the ball during their time at the tables servicing a wheel-of-doom, you may be interested in this?

I first created it back in 2016 as an aid to examining whether it was possible to identify consistencies in the size of the gap between the last number spun and the one previous to it, that might be the result of the unconscious actions of the croupier when spinning the ball - and if there were such cases how these might be tracked and taken advantage of.

After many tweaks and modifications I've got to where I am with this - an Excel workbook that does all of the hard work on the fly as each successive result is entered. All players need do is enter each result as it occurs, the direction the ball was travelling, whether the result was predicted and if they placed a bet or not.

In detail, as each result is entered into the relevant spreadsheet the pre-set logic seemlessly:

  • Calculates the profit if a bet was made on the last spin and it was successful,

  • Calculates the size of the gap between the result just entered and the spin before that,

  • Adds the result to the dataset of gap size frequencies that have been recorded,

  • Re-analyses the revised frequency data and indicates any changes,

  • Re-calculates the variance between the actual incidence of the most frequent gap size and the mathematical expectation,

  • Calculates one, two and three standard deviations from the expectation and displays these for comparison purposes,

  • Based on the revised analysis indicates a sector of the wheel that MAY be hit next,

  • Indicates the actual numbers to bet on within that sector, based on the sector size selected,

  • Indicates whether to make a bet, proceed with caution or wait - based on whether two key pre-set conditions have been met.

All of this happens instantly the moment the last result is entered and so there's always sufficient time to place a bet on the next spin.

I have had some success when trying this out, and after several sessions tracking the results from croupiers servicing various online "live" studio wheels the results (which were positive) were found to fall outside of what would be statistical norms for random, unbiased, actions. In every case, without exception, the data I gathered on each croupier showed a skewing towards certain gap sizes between spins. Taking advantage of this, and comparing the anticipated sectors and actual results, the win rate I experienced was greater than the expectation - peaking at 500 units profit when flat betting (straight up on each number within a fifteen slot sector) over a little more than 1,000 spins. This might all have been coincidence of course but I do wonder?

Here's a snapshot of the interface (click on it to enlarge it):



If you fancy giving this one a run out here's the file to download. The workbook contains an overview of how it works and instructions on how to use it, although it's all pretty straightforward and just requires users to enter each result as it's spun and whether the prediction was correct or not. Simples.

Enjoy it with my compliments!

Roulette Sector Predictor Tool (Ver 2.25) 9 Aug 2020