Excel Roulette Sector Predictor Tool

I created this one in 2016 as an aid to examining the concept of whether, when playing the wheel of doom, it was possible to identify consistencies in the size of the gap between the last number spun and the one before that, that might be brought about by the unconscious actions of the croupier when spinning the ball.

I did have some successes when trying it out, but I never captured enough data to draw any conclusions as to whether I was on to something or it was purely down to chance. I've recently picked up on this again (June 2020), and tracked some more croups who were working online "live" wheels, and in every case, without exception, the data I gathered showed a large skewing towards certain gap sizes between spins. Using this data, and comparing the anticipated sectors and actual results, the win rate I experienced was greater than the expectation. This might all have been coincidence of course but I do wonder?

Here's a snapshot of the interface (click on it to enlarge it):



If you fancy giving this one a run out here's the file to download. The workbook contains an overview of how it works and instructions on how to use it, although it's all pretty straightforward and just requires users to enter each result as it's spun and whether a bet was made (and the outcome of it). Simples.

Enjoy it with my compliments!

Roulette Sector Predictor Tool (Ver 2.24) 2 Jul 2020