Betting on the footie.

For some years now I've been betting on the footie; the correct scores and outcomes (win, lose or draw) "markets" as the bookies euphemistically refer to them. Originally this was just the English and Scottish leagues, but since last season I've extended my punting to the top divisions of the Bundesliga (x2), French league (x2), Spanish (x2), Italian (x2), Dutch and Portugese. To support my endeavours I've used what started out as a relatively simple series of spreadsheets but which over the last couple of seasons I've enhanced with various features, bells and whistles. Fundimentally I make selections as to the outcome of a match based upon the competing teams' recent performance and league table position. Over the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons I achieved a smidgeon less than breakeven (around 1%) which I think is fairly respectable bearing in mind the bookies' built in margins on the prices they quote.

If betting on the football is your thing then you're very welcome to download my Excel efforts and use it yourself - with my compliments. It's free to use and is offered at no cost and with no conditions.

The 19/20 season download file on offer contains all of the season's fixtures (as published up to 4th August) for all of the leagues given above and the 18/19 final position league tables, as well as a comprehensive set of instructions on how to use it, a running profit and loss summary and a dataset of comparative data extracted from five seasons' results and over 32,000 matches - so plenty to take account of. You'll need a 64-Bit version of Windows running Excel 2010 or later to be be able to use the workbook, and you'll also need to enable macros as the functionality is heavily automated. The file sitting on my web server has been thoroughly virus-checked using AVG, although I can't vouch for its safety if you obtain it from another source.

Download UK-21's Football Betting Tool (Ver 3.49, build 150, 1st Sep 19)

Below are some links to a few screenshots to whet your appetite (best viewed on an eighteen inch or wider monitor). Click on each for an enlarged view:


Enjoy !

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