Excel slot simulator (UK-21's Fruity Frolics!)

Something I conjured up a few years back as a coding challenge - a virtual slot/fruit machine created using Microsoft Excel®. I did this largely as a coding exercise and to replicate the method (albeit in a simplified form - my one has just three reels each having 21 symbols) of how a modern, RNG based, slot/fruit machine functions and how the underlying maths around the RTP (Return To Player) work.

This one comes complete with tumbling reels, a results recorder, a widget to allow automated simulations to be run and a sheet containing calculations that validate that the incidences of the random numbers generated fall within statistical norms. You can also amend the pay-table, and by doing so see how the RTP is affected as it automatically recalculates itself based on the revised payout amounts you enter.

I created this on what was a c2009, 4Gb RAM laptop (I've something better now) that allocated a proportion of its RAM to drive the display. As a consequence, as it didn't have a dedicated graphics card installed, the tumbling reels ran somewhat slow and clunky. If you experience the same issue simply exit all unnecessary applications and just run Excel, and the file, alone in order to free up as much memory within your system as possible. For systems having 8Gb RAM or more this shouldn't be a problem.

On a final thought, before opening and playing with this workbook do ensure that you have saved any files that you have open, particularly in Excel, as if the application crashes as a result of running one of the macros you could lose stuff. You have been warned !

Here's a screenshot . . .


Here's the file to download if you fancy giving it a run out. Enjoy with my compliments!

21x21x21 (Build 15) 23 Apr 2020